Latigo Leather Slip Lead

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Offering all of the benefits of a British slip style lead without the drawbacks of cotton or nylon. Our slip lead is hand made from the same straps as our braided latigo leashes and will only get better with use. Our unrivaled leather slip leads feature a sliding tab to adjust the size of the "collar" portion and to help limit excess action with dogs who may be inclined to run off.

Latigo leather products are the choice of most professionals, trainers, K9 handlers, and competitors. Quality leather only gets softer in the hand with age and with a few minutes of maintenance ever year, most leashes will last a lifetime. A number of our personal leashes are well over 10 years old and are used daily!

Our hand made latigo leather leashes feature:

  • Hand braiding in Houston, Texas
  • Premium American 10-12oz latigo leather
  • Solid Brass Hardware
  • Lifetime Guarantee and Warranty

Size Recommendations by Dog Weight:

  • ¼" - Up to 15lb
  • ⅜" - Up to 30lb
  • ½" - Up to 50lb
  • ⅝" - Up to 75lb
  • ¾" - Up to 100lb+
  • 1" - Over 100lb (1" straps are HUGE leashes and generally not recommended.)


  • Long: ~52″ with the collar portion closed
  • Medium: ~40″ with the collar portion closed
  • Short: ~28″ with the collar portion closed
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3 Reviews

Jennifer Freeman Apr 11th 2019

Leather slip lead

Just what I needed for our new English Mastiff puppy. This is a very high quality handmade leather slip lead that should last forever. Thank you!

Jeremy Criscoe Jun 6th 2018

Latigo Slip Lead

A great quality product, have been using for over two years now. Great product for training and walking in public and performing shows.

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