Jaeger Lead

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Our Jaeger Lead is the perfect modern iteration of an old European classic! The most versatile product we offer, the Jaeger Lead is sure to fill any role you can imagine from the Field, Obedience, Bite Sport, Hunting, or daily urban use!


  • 3 Fixed Across the body positions for desired length/slack to dog
  • 3 Lenghts for Traditional Leash Use
  • Adjustable sizing to fit any body size or height dog and handler
  • Slip Lead
  • Tie Back
  • Double Clip/No-Pull Harness attachment (EZ Walk/Freedom Harness etc)


  • ~7' Long end to end
  • Handle-Free Design featuring Solid Brass Snaps at both ends for versatility. Make your own handle by clipping where you want!
  • Available in ½", ⅝", or ¾" Widths (⅜" available upon custom request)
  • 4 Stationary Rings and 1 Floating and 1  Size Adjustable- 1 in each braid, 1 Floating on one end, 1 Adjustable Center ring
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Upgrade to Scissor Snaps

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