"Beyond" Combo Leash

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To our knowledge, this is the only product of its kind on the market. A slip lead on one end and a snap to attach to either your dog or to the D-ring to make a handle, this leash pulls double duty! The “Beyond” leash measures approximately 5′ plus the slip collar portion. Shorter variations available on request. As with all of our products, wholesale/distributor pricing is available.

We aren’t sure who came up with it first, but our first of these double duty leads were for Keith Morris of Beyond K9 in Plano, Tx. Check out the Beyond K9 Facebook Page as well!

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1 Review

Geoff Stern Dec 27th 2017

Beyond Combo leash... good idea!

Sometimes what you think is a good idea turns out to be -- a good idea. I wanted a leash for agility class with the ease of a slip lead (in class) but the security of a conventional leash (for toileting breaks). I have a couple of clip leads with a floating ring, but I thought this "Beyond" combo leash might do. Clever idea, and typical of Texas Leash products, nicely made. This could end up EDC -- every day carry.

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